Top Car Accessories For Parents

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November 16, 2020

Kids don’t have a great reputation when it comes to car trips. But there are a few cool car accessories for parents that make a big difference.

OnlineLoans lists 5 top car accessories for parents and family cars:

1: Window Shades WITHOUT Suction Cups

Window Shades WITHOUT Suction Cups


Problem Solved: Direct sunlight on kids in the back.
Car Accessory Cost: $10 – $20
Installation Difficulty: Easy

Keeping cool in the Aussie summer is a tall order, cars get hot – fast. On a hot day, inside temperatures can exceed 65 ℃. Window shades have been trying to solve the problem for generations and do a pretty good job – except when they fall off or leave marks on windows.

Car accessories like the Enovoe window shade use static electricity to stick on the windows. No clips, no adhesives, no suction cups and no marks on windows.

2: Car Seat Organiser

Car Seat Organiser


Problem Solved: Storing loose items
Car Accessory Cost: $15 – $30
Installation Difficulty: Easy

These are trays and pockets that attach to the headrests of the front seats. Most examples have velcro or zippers to keep loose things stored safely. Some have a fold-out tray for drawing and pockets for pens and pencils.

These car accessories can double as iPad or tablet holders. This means kids in the back can draw, store loose toys and other items and access entertainment.

3: Reusable Drinking Straws

Reusable Drinking Straws


Problem Solved: Drinking in cars
Car Accessory Cost: $5 – $15
Installation Difficulty: Easy

Drinking in cars is tough for all passengers. Spills can get stained, cause bad smells or make it sticky. The solution is reusable straws. We say ‘reusable’ as plastic ones are harmful to Australia’s environment.

Soft silicone drinking straws are the most kid-friendly option. Bamboo or metal straws aren’t ideal for use in cars.

They work well for passengers of all ages, not just kids!

4: Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner


Problem Solved: Dirty car interiors
Car Accessory Cost: $80+
Installation Difficulty: Medium

These work well for two occasions: You struggle to drag your home vacuum cleaner out to the car and two when litter and debris build up on road trips. Car vacuum cleaners work with rechargeable batteries as well as plugging into your car’s power outlet.

Keep your car’s value high by maintaining your car’s interior. In fact, some manufacturers have gone a step further. The Honda Odyssey, for example, comes standard with a vacuum cleaner built-in.

5: Passenger Camera

Passenger Camera


Problem Solved: “What are you kids doing back there?!”
Car Accessory Cost: $100+
Installation Difficulty: Medium

A live video showing the back seat is displayed on your car’s infotainment screen – imagine a reverse camera pointed at kids in the back. Ideally, they are attached to the ceiling of a vehicle to give an overhead view.

Baby car cameras make excellent car accessories for parents, especially those with infants or kids who squabble (which are most). Some can even offer night vision.

The added bonus is safety, no more taking your eyes off the road or even turn around in the driver’s seat, you can simply watch what’s happening in the back via the car’s central screen. If your car doesn’t have a central screen, some baby cameras come with their own attachable screens.

Car Accessories For Parents Conclusion

Car accessories are huge sellers for both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. Naturally, quality and usability vary considerably so do a little research before buying. The car accessories listed above make awesome gift ideas too.

If your car is lacking the features you need, it might be time to make your dream car happen. OnlineLoans offers a 100% online car loan process, starting with a simple quick quote.

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