Here’s Why Car Storage Costs So Much

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July 7, 2021

$100,000 in initiation fees, plus $13,000 annually – is what you’ll pay for some high-end car storage to keep your pride and joy track-ready. Suddenly, the cost of parking at the local shopping centre doesn’t seem so bad.

A lot of thought goes into car storage; battery tenders, fluids, cleanliness, protection, security and even air quality. finds out why car storage costs so much.

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  • There are several reasons why people use car storage; travel, investments and future projects to name a few.
  • Cars left on the street for long periods of time can be labelled as ‘abandoned’, which means trouble for owners and even more trouble for the cars themselves.
  • Exposure to the elements is something every motorist should avoid, here’s how.
  • Follow these steps if you store your car for long periods of time at home.
  • Paid car storage comes with a few more benefits.
  • Supercars require even more TLC in storage, such as strict climate control and periodic driving indoors.
Why use car storage?

There are a few reasons;

  • Travel
    If someone plans to go overseas or interstate for a while, they’ll likely leave their car undriven for a while.
  • Future project
    Growing in popularity is the idea of restoring classic vehicles. Mileage is kept down while it’s in storage with some parts being rebuilt / restored at a later date.
  • In need of repairs
    If a car of particular value (in terms or money or sentimental value) is undriveable or damaged, some people store them until they have the time and funds to carry out repairs.
  • Future investment
    Nostalgia often drives the price of cars sky high. Classic cars like the Ford Mustang, certain performance variants of the Holden Commodore and Japanese icons like the Toyota Supra come to mind.
  • Another vehicle
    Sometimes a motorist might simply get a work-provided vehicle or inherit another car and not want to sell their existing one.

Whatever the reason, car storage comes in handy for many different reasons.

Can’t you just leave your car on the street?

“…and finally disposed of by way of public auction or even destruction.”

In most states in Australia, you’ll find parking limits on sign posts. If there’s no limit, like on some residential streets, vehicles left for long periods of time can be reported as ‘abandoned’.

This usually happens after a resident reports an unmoved car to their local council. In most cases, the council will attempt to contact the registered owner. If no contact can be made, the vehicle will likely be transported to a holding yard and finally disposed of by way of public auction or even destruction.

The elements don’t like cars left on the side of the road either.

Trees, birds, rain, sun and dust all take their toll on cars. For example, tress sap and bird mess can be acidic and leave stains on paint. Paint fade occurs due to the sun’s UV rays, which appears as faded discolouration, usually on the roof or bonnet.

Paint Protection(Faded paint is not a good look)

The sun, especially in the harsh Aussie summer, also degrades rubber (known as ‘ozone cracking’) which means rain water can enter causing mould and rust.

ozone cracking(Ozone cracking. The sun’s tough on rubber)

Car storage at home

Many people who need to store a car simply use an available garage at home. This is a good option (for those who have the option) as it won’t cost anything and the car remains protected.

If you store a car at home, make sure to;
  • Leave the windows open a little for ventilation. If you’re storing the car for several months or more, consider covering window gaps with mesh / fabric to allow for ventilation and keep insects out.
  • Keep automatics in ‘Park’ and manuals in gear.
  • Leave the handbrake off and chock the wheels or even remove the wheels and keep the car on stands. This may require professional help.
  • If you remove the wheels, store them in a dry, cool, dark place.
  • Disconnect the battery as per owner’s manual.
  • Block or cover the air intake and exhaust with rags.
  • Consider asking a professional to drain the fuel tank / fuel system as old petrol can corrode engines and form gum.
  • Thoroughly wash the car and apply wax or even a ceramic coating to protect the paint.
  • Cover the car with sheets or a good-quality car cover.

The more care you put into car storage, the better the condition it’ll be in when you drive it again.

Paid car storage

…rest assured that no one else with a stored car will be roaming the facility at night.

This option suits a lot of people. There are vehicle storage facilities in pretty much all major populated areas in Australia. Some benefits can include;

  • CCTV / 24-hour surveillance
  • Protection from the elements
  • Individual locked units

Most facilities offer both covered and uncovered storage for cars which vary in price. You’ll also typically only be able to access your car storage unit on certain days or between certain times. This means you won’t have access to your vehicle at night, but can rest assured that no one else with a stored car will be roaming the facility at night.

paid car storage

Pricing varies depending on your requirements and the location. Some uncovered options start at around $70 per month and can easily shoot up to several hundred per month.

However, when you have special requirements for special cars, car storage can get even more tricky (and costly).

Car storage for the rich and famous

“…a scratch, ding or any damage from the elements is likely to set you back the cost of an average holiday home.”

What about those multimillion-dollar supercars that only get driven a few Sunday afternoons a year in perfect conditions?

These vehicles are laden with ‘extremes’, here a few;

Ferrari 812 Superfast (1)(The name ‘Superfast’ says it all: a Ferrari Superfast in its special matte suit. Source:

  • Over $440,000 for a Ferrari LaFerrari carbon-fibre front end
  • Over $240,000 for a Bentley Bentayga Breitling clock

Bentley Bentayga Breitling clock(You’ll probably be only checking how early you are with the 6.0L V12 Bentley Bentayga’s Breitling clock, pictured above. Source:

If you’re spending that much money on a car, a scratch, ding or any damage from the elements is likely to set you back the cost of an average holiday home.

There are some interesting solutions when looking at car storage for vehicles with 7 (or 8)-figure price tags.

Dubbed ‘The Batcave’, the ‘secret’ Windrush supercar storage facility in London is one of them.

windrush1(Inside Windrush’s London facility. Source:

“Owners include lottery winners, VIPs and celebrities but you’ll never know as predictably, records are strictly confidential.”

Appearing as a normal underground car park, albeit with a solid entrance gate, the facility (somewhere) in Shepherd’s Bush, London is anything but ‘normal’. The polished floors and spotless whitewalls house some icons of the car world. Vehicles of note include something for every teenager’s (and adult’s) bedroom wall;

The list goes on.

McLaren P1(If you part ways with $2 million for a McLaren P1, you’ll want to keep it safe)

But 24/7 ultra-high security and full-time staff are nowhere near enough. The car storage facility boasts strict climate control at a constant 15 ℃ (dehumidified to 55%RH), regular washing and maintenance, premium dust covers and optimised battery tenders.

gtr dyno(Bolted down for good reason: a Nissan GT-R gets a good run on a dynamometer. Source:

There’s also a dyno (rolling road / dynamometer) which allows the cars to be driven periodically inside. This keeps the fluids moving and parts turning without getting dirty outside.

Owners include lottery winners, VIPs and celebrities but you’ll never know as predictably, records are strictly confidential.

You don’t need a Batcave to store your next car

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