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Car Loans

How quickly will my loan be approved?

Between 1 and 3 working days – depending on the complexity. As soon as it’s approved you’ll receive a notification informing you of the details.

What exactly is the car loan application process?

Via the ‘Apply Now’ button, enter your requirements. Next, select your repayment option and submit your application details. The OnlineLoans.com.au team then puts together your application, organises your approval and finalises payment. Not happy? We’ll make adjustments to match your needs as best we can.

Can I change / readjust my loan repayments down the track?

Yes. Depending on the loan and lender specifics, you’ll be able to make adjustments to the repayments. Just let the team know if this is something you're interested in. Call us on 1300 927 591.

Can I pay my loan off early / make additional payments?

Yes. Depending on the lender and loan contracts, most of our car loans have early repayment options that don’t attract any additional fees.

What kind of car can I buy?

Any legal vehicle in Australia. Usually, vehicles are within 20 years of age. OnlineLoans.com.au also offers Australia-wide vehicle sourcing.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. A clear cost breakdown will be made available to you prior to signing any contracts. Should you have any queries regarding your cost breakdown, simply contact us for an explanation.

Can I use Online Loans for a dealership purchase?

Yes. Once you’ve entered all of your personal and financial information online, you’ll be displayed a range of loan options, which may be suitable for your individual situation. Whatever the reason for your bad credit, there should be a loan option to suit your needs.

Credit Score

What if I need to speak to someone?

We’re here if & when you need us. If you need to speak to someone directly or have questions about your loan application, you can contact us directly. We’re 100% Australian based. Call us on 1300 927 591.

What fees do I have to pay?

Like all forms of loans and credit, you’ll have to pay interest. There are some additional setup fees that will be clearly listed on your proposed contract. Fees range per amount you borrow and the lending institution you select. There are no hidden fees.

How much can I borrow?

OnlineLoans.com.au works with minimum amounts of $10,000. Depending on your circumstances, loan reason and requirements, we only have a minimum! 

I’m self-employed, can I apply?

Yes. We offer car loans for self employed applicants

I’m on Centrelink, can I apply?

Yes. We can work with most forms on Centrelink payments. Note that as per regulations, we can’t assist with NewStart / JobSeeker / Youth allowance.

Do you do credit checks?

In most cases, yes. This simply means viewing a credit file which won’t affect the score in any way. 

(When) Will my credit score be affected?

Your credit file won’t be affected until the car loan is formally submitted. This ONLY happens when you're aware of and happy with the loan details. You’ll be made aware of this during the process. There is no risk to your credit score when applying through OnlineLoans.com.au, until you are informed by the team.

Can I still apply if I have bad credit?

Yes. Once you’ve entered in your details online, you’ll be displayed a range of car loan options which may be suitable for your circumstances. Whatever your credit rating, OnlineLoans.com.au is here to find you the best options.